10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Home

May 5, 2023


Art brings life and colour to any space, and can certainly add soul to a room. Gift your mom a special artwork or wall print to help her personality shine through to the interior of her home. Art is versatile and can tie into the colour palette of a design with ease. Just take a look around Mom’s favourite spaces and pick up on the textures and tones she loves. Incorporate these into a wonderful artistic creation as a precious gift and keepsake.


The right light can enhance the details of a room and create a special ambience in the home. Gift mom a gorgeous table light or lamp shade for her special reading nook, or as a welcome addition to her nightstand. Lighting is powerful and can certainly serve as a beautiful, yet functional gift this Mother’s Day.

Cushions and Scatters

Give your mom a soft place to rest and gift her a special scatter cushion for her bed or living room. Scatter cushions are a great way to add some colour and comfort to any room. Consider getting your mom a set of new scatter cushions to add some fresh style to her living space.

 Jenny Robert: 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For the Home

A Lounger

A lounger can be an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea for the home, especially if your mom enjoys spending time relaxing and unwinding. There are many different types of loungers to choose from, including outdoor loungers for the patio or balcony, or indoor loungers for a cosy reading nook or bedroom.

Table Decor

Help your mom elevate her dining table with some beautiful new table decor. This could be anything from a set of elegant placemats and napkins to a unique centrepiece that will impress her guests.


If your mom loves collecting items like figurines or unique trinkets, consider gifting her a new addition to her collection. This could be anything from a vintage vase to a set of handmade pottery bowls.

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SA Decor & Design +Marcia Loves It


Decorative stools

Decorative stools can serve as both functional and stylish home accessories. They can be used as extra seating, a footrest, or even as a small side table. Look for stools made of natural materials like wood or woven fibres to add texture to your mom’s favourite spot in the house.

A tray

A tray is another great Mother’s Day gift idea for the home. Not only are they functional for serving drinks or snacks, but they can also be used as a decorative accessory on a coffee table or ottoman.

A throw or blanket

As winter approaches, give your mom the gift of a cosy space to unwind. A soft and cosy throw blanket is perfect for chilly evenings or lazy afternoons spent reading or watching TV. Look for a luxurious material like cashmere or a plush texture that will make your mom feel pampered.

House Plants

Plants can add some life and freshness to any room. Look for easy-to-care-for plants like succulents or herbs that your mom can enjoy without too much effort. Alternatively, why not invest in faux plants for all-year-round colour and life without any maintenance!

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