4 New Design Trends

Nov 17, 2021

We’re excited about the endless possibilities that design presents in the world today. Today we’re sharing just four key new trends that we can’t get enough of…

Vintage Flair

There is a callback to classic design with strong vintage elements. The emphasis here is on antiques front and centre with old world charm setting the tone. European influences run throughout this trend with an ode to French-inspired pieces and furnishings. Furthermore, the look is a little whimsical, even romantic with solid wood as the main material. Pair softer upholstered items and feminine tones and patterns for a truly inspired vintage look.

Soothing Spaces

In a world turned upside down due to Covid 19, we are all longing for a place of refuge at home. This trend calls for tranquility and calm – from a muted colour palette to light, airy and carefree interiors. The emphasis here is on style and comfort. A big emphasis is thus placed on the role of nature indoors. An organic look is defined with elements pulled from the outdoors and brought inside. Think natural and organic materials like rattan, jute and wood for a truly soothing interior style.

Modern Meditteranean

This trend brings the beauty of the Mediterranean to our everyday spaces. The sun-kissed sands, the vacation vibe, and the breezy seaside look. These work together to bring a chilled out factor to your room. It definitely infuses the idea that less is more but in a playful manner with a holiday ambience. White-washed walls, imperfect layouts and texture are big when it comes to the new Modern Med style.

Countryside Sunsets

This trend embraces the beauty of countryside living. Inspired by the gentle hues of a summertime sunset in the bush, the idea here is to bring a slice of country to your everyday life. Experts call for dusky tones of rose into your home. These sunset tones can be incorporated through furniture, cushions, rugs and curtains. Ultimately, embracing Country Sunset is an exercise in soothing the soul.

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