All About Tortoise Shell

Aug 19, 2022


Just like leopard, tortoise shell is a tried-and-true classic. Originally obtained from the curved shields of the hawksbill turtle, the ornamental material has long been valued for its unique appearance and durability. In fact, tortoise shell was widely used in ancient times in the West and in Asia. And during 17th-century France under Louis XIV, it became highly prized as inlay in small luxury objects, such as snuff boxes, jewellery and combs. Today, the use of real tortoise shell is illegal, but lucky for us, the look is easily replicated.

Because tortoise shell is so timeless, you simply can’t go wrong with them in interior design. Here are a few ways to incorporate it into your home…

Vases and Pots

Bring this trending pattern into your living space with beautifully curated vases or pots for greenery. Add your favourite blooms, succulents or indoor plants to elevate the piece and bring style into your home this season.

Candle Holders

Create ambience and let the glow of a beautiful candle glisten through a tortoise shell candle holder. This is also a great way to add character and warmth to any room. Add small doses of pattern to an arrangement of decor and include tortoise shell tea light candle holders to add that personalised touch!



The reflective qualities of glass combined with a trendy tortoise shell pattern make for an interesting and alluring light fitting. Find a lamp or fixture featuring this bold pattern and bring a sense of depth to your home.

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As featured in SA Décor & Design.