Coastal Decorating with Jenny Robert Exclusive Design

Jul 11, 2022

Coastal Colours

A few key colourways are incorporated into the perfect coastal design. Neutrals are a must-have palette as these can help set the tone for a light, airy coastal retreat. If you’re looking for a pop of colour, gain inspiration from the ocean itself. Blues, turquoise and even greenery can perfectly complement the look. From baby blue to deep navy – blue (the colour of the sea) will help to set the tone in your coastal interior. These colours are drawn directly from the water – the colour of sea glass, waves, clouds, sand and more.

Furthermore, you may want to keep patterns to a minimum. However, patterns like stripes are quite popular in this design style. Have some fun and subsequently play around with a few accent blues and striped fabrics in your coastal room.



Organic Materials

Keeping it natural is another key factor in the design of a coastal interior. Choose organic materials and natural textiles that bring warmth and texture to your room. Materials like rattan and jute are popular and bring a rustic ambience to your space. Light wooden furniture is another must-have when designing a coastal space. Choose furniture is soft natural wood tones to bring nature indoors.

What to avoid?

Steer clear from any kitsch decor that hints at ocean life. Things like anchors and sea shells are not always the best choice here. Keep it subtle instead and focus on the feeling you want to create in your interior.

Coastal style is very relaxed and hints at laid-back living. As such, avoid bold colours and prints that could overwhelm the room instead of creating a refreshing feel. Embrace nature and use it as a guide in creating a special coastal retreat in your own home.