Decor Ideas With Bold Colours

Oct 22, 2022

Black Accents

Black is a very dominating colour, however, when used in the right doses, it can create a sophisticated look. Our suggestion is to play around with black in smaller accents throughout the room. This will add dimension to your design and also tie into an overall, unified look. Black decor solutions can include stylish bookends on a curated shelf of your favourite novels; or perhaps a black statement stool or bowl on a display cabinet. These smaller pieces add to the overall look of elegance you hope to achieve!

You really don’t need a lot of black. However, a touch of it adds some contrast that can easily highlight a light and airy vibe. In a bright, light room, you can play around with black accents to help add much-needed contrast to the room! It is also a great way to ground a space with touches of black that enhance its light bright nature.


Dramatic Interest

Bold colours can add a little drama. Statement colours like gold also bring with them a sense of reality and grandeur! Gold works well to complement a host of design styles and interior schemes. This makes it a very versatile choice in home design. The wonderful honey tones of this colour can also add warmth and depth to a room.

For smaller accents, think golden decor that can be placed on display on a coffee table; or why not a gold-framed mirror for added extravagance in any room!

Gold, black and white make for a winning combination. This colour palette is timeless and a classic when you’re not sure what will work best in your home.

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As featured in SA Décor & Design.