Decorating Elements in White

Oct 22, 2021

Create a wow factor in your interior with the simplest colour of all – white. It’s easy for white tones to get lost amid the vibrancy of other colours, but white has a timeless nature that makes it a classic in home design. Today we’re showing you some top tricks to help you decorate with white and create a stunning new look in your home.

Start with white as a backdrop colour

A white room becomes a blank canvas for you to bring your design visions to life. White rooms also appear to be larger and brighter than many other spaces. As a pro tip, if you want to create a timeless look with white decor, start with a clean slate and paint your entire room a fresh white tone. It will brighten, enlarge and give your room a whole new sparkle. From here, you can layer your accessories to highlight your favourite decor.

Choose the right shade

White may seem like an easy option, but in actual fact, there are many different shades and tones of white. Choose the right tone of white for your room and you’ll instantly see the difference a bright new coat of white can make on the room. When it comes to selecting white accessories, the same rule applies. Mix it up with different shades and tones of white for added texture and a more balance aesthetic. Your design won’t feel flat or one-dimensional this way.

Pick complementary tones

White on its own is minimalist and beautiful. However, you can create a focal point with white when you introduce different textures, materials and interesting tones to your room. For a more natural, organic feel, choose natural fibres like rattan, jute, sisal for a calming presence with white accents. For a more modern feel, choose a monochromatic scheme and pair white with darkers shades of grey and black for a contemporary look.

Create a clean, streamlined design

Keep things orderly, modern and elegant with white. It certainly is the ‘cleanest’ and easiest colour to fit into almost any design scheme. For a streamlined look that does not overwhelm the senses, use strategic white decor on a bookshelf or display cabinet to bring a sophisticated tone to your space. It’s a great way to achieve balance and a cohesive design.

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