Endless Summer

Jan 21, 2022

Trending for 2022, we’re holding onto summer and the idea of a tropical vacay with beach vibes, palm trees and blissful ocean views. Bring the aesthetic home with the latest decor and accessories from Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor.

A tropical escape

Many of us are not quite ready to travel abroad just yet, but we can create a tropical escape, without leaving the comfort of our homes. The right choice of materials and finishes can help us achieve a Mediterranean holiday vibe for an endless summer!

The trend to achieve an endless summer interior means bringing bold, bright and cheerful colours into your space. Tones that suggest a year-round summer experience. We’re talking juicy, radiant and saturated colour palettes inspired by the glow of a sunset or the warm waters of a tropical seaside. According to the experts, onside and out, home decor will begin to look more like destination travel that will provide a mental break for homeowners in 2022.

Greenery and the Tropics

Tropical tones and colours inspired by nature will infuse your living space with a natural look. Choose tones reflective of the ocean and forests – deep blues, aquamarine and the many depths of green to bring a pop of colour and rich vibrancy to your space.

Achieve the look with curated accessories and accent pieces that pick up on these natural hues. Mixed materials will help you add texture and colour in an exciting way. Choose between ceramics, glass, stone, wood and more to enhance your space and create visual stimulation.

Happy Patterns

When you think of the Tropics, you may think of sunny days, outdoor living, palm leaves and more. All of which can be brought into your space through beautiful prints, patterns and textiles. Wallpaper is a great way to spice up your living space with a pop of colour. Accessories and soft furnishings are another easy way to bring in funky patterns, palm prints and more.

Keep it simple

Seaside living is all about simplicity. Less is often more here. So, choose decor that really appeals to your senses and enhances the idea of a tropical escape. Natural materials will help you keep things sleek and organic. Sticking to a set colour scheme will also help you achieve a well-rounded and streamlined look. Accessorize with texture and material for added depth.

We’re all left dreaming about that endless summer. And now you can bring this idea into your home with a beautifully curated collection.