Gifts For Him & Her

Sep 30, 2021

It’s the month of LOVE and we’re calling for extravagant gifts for the ones we care about. Jenny Robert brings us the latest in exclusive decor with a gift selection for him and her. 

Black and White

A timeless combination of black and white decor remains a classic. If ever there was a pair that could add a touch of sophisticated flair – black and white does so without any effort. If you’re looking for a gift that will fit in with almost any colour palette, black and white decor is your solution. From bold ceramic finishes to trays, games and more, Jenny Robert understands the power of something sleek and simple in black and white!

So what is it about this colour palette that JUST WORKS?

Black is a bold colour that can work as a focal point in any space. It helps to ground and anchor a room. Furthermore, it can add an elegant touch… like that little black dress found in any woman’s wardrobe.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, white is light and bright. It is a colour that lifts and refreshes a space.

Together, black and white offer a clean, modern and elegant look. A combination of contrasts. It goes well with a variety of styles and design trends too. It could therefore be the perfect gifting solution for someone with an eye for design.

Gift for Him and Her

If it Valentine’s Day after all. If you’re feeling a little stumped about your gifting options this year, why not go for something that will take pride of place in your loved ones favourite room. A timeless ceramic stool, box or even a tray will add a little glam and be a constant reminder of your affection.

How about a game of dominoes in a durable finish that will also work as a centrepiece in a living space? A stylish game like this can double as decor and will add a playful element to a room too.

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