How To Pick A Stylish Coffee Table Lamp

Sep 30, 2021

The ideal coffee table lamp is one that merges colour and light in a single beautiful piece. Today we’re celebrating bespoke lighting with a vibrant range of coffee table lamps from Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor.

Choosing the perfect coffee table lamp comes down to personal style. However, unlike a decor accent, a table lamp will also serve a very practical purpose in the home. As such, there are a few things you need to know before making the right choice.

#1: Placement

Find the perfect spot for your table lamp and let it be the focal point in your space. Placement is key to the success of your lamp. You need to consider the position, height and size of your lamp and if it will fit into the correct spot seamlessly. It’s pointless buying a lamp first and then trying to make it work in an area where it may be too small, too bold or just a mismatch in your current design scheme. Top tip: First identify the space, measure up and then choose a lamp to suit the placement.

#2: Design Style

Choose a table lamp that echoes the look of the room. As such, you need to first consider the overall ambience and design scheme of your space before investing in a quality lamp. We love lamps that bring a little contrast but still offer a beautiful aesthetic to tie into a general colour palette in a room. A stylish lamp can also be a welcome pop of colour in your interior. A bold ceramic colour can add a fun burst of energy while an intricate design or print can draw the eye in and keep you captivated for longer. The choice is yours, but with so many variations on the market, be sure to shop around and find something you love.

#3: The Lampshade

In a designer space, your lampshade and base do not necessarily have to match. On the contrary, a striking lampshade can offer definition against a contrasting lamp base. The lampshade is also another great way to enhance the textural aesthetic of your room. As a designer tip, remember that your shade should be about twice as wide as the base and one-third of the total height of the lamp. This way your lamp will be in the correct proportion to make the most of the space.  Too big and your shade may look top-heavy. Too small and your lamp may seem a little awkward and out of balance.

Once you’ve identified a great spot for your lamp, shop around and invest in a quality piece that will add to the overall elegance of your room. Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor offers a beautiful range of superior lighting, decor and furnishings for that elegant touch.

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