How To Use Black To Add Allure To Your Home

Sep 30, 2021

Black signifies simplicity and functionality in interior design. It’s the colour that pairs with all colours. It works best in modern design schemes, minimalist spaces, and even eclectic rooms. Used the right way, black can also add magical allure to your space, and we’re here to show you how.

In small doses

Black is most likely the harshest colour on the spectrum. Used in large quantities, black can be quite overwhelming and even a little scary. However, when you achieve balance using black, the end result is something spectacular. The trick here is to use this colour in smaller doses. Accent decor, furniture and even soft furnishings in black can be just enough of this dark tone to elevate a room. Think carefully about your use of black and let it make a real statement in your next design.

It’s all about contrast

Black is one of the very few colours in the world that works with almost any hue, tone, or shade of other colours. This is because black not only has depth, but it’s also versatile and complementary with pretty much every colour in the wheel. It’s a wonderful way to bring contrast to an interior, especially when paired with lighter tones. Black often pops against brighter colours and can make other hues shine even brighter.

Warm or cool

Is black a warm or cool colour? We think that black is neither and yet, black can function as both! What do we mean? When paired with cooler colours like blues and purple, black tends to bring out the best in these cooler shades. However, when paired with warm tones like oranges and reds, it equally has the power to evoke warmth too. This makes it a very versatile colour that you can use in almost any room.

With black accents and decor, a little drama certainly goes a long way. Take a look at some of our top picks (in black) available from Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor. Here you’ll be sure to find the perfect accessories to add allure to your own interior.

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