Let’s Go Green with Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor

Sep 7, 2022

Small accents

Bring green into any room through smaller accents and decor to create a unified interior scheme. From vases and ceramics to trays and floral scatters, there are many different ways you can introduce green into a room. There are also a number of different green shades and tones to choose from! From muted olives and sage to bright peppermint and avocado green. Choose wisely and find the perfect green for your space.

A pop of colour

Sometimes statement furniture items can give your room a pop of energy and colour to bring the space to life. A large cabinet in an eye-popping green can be a focal point in any interior (see number 1 below). However, accent stools and seating with hints of green are yet another way to share your love of this palette! See numbers 5, 6 and 7 below for some inspiration.




Nature Prints

Embrace the shapes and textures of nature with greenery in your decor and prints. From floral upholstery to leafy wallpaper, the trend here is to welcome the natural world indoors for a truly organic look.

Choose Plants

Greenery and potted plants are another great way to enhance your space and introduce the colour palette to any room. Greenery has a wide variety of benefits in interior design too! Not only aesthetically pleasing, but plants can create a calm, zen-like feeling, they can help keep the air in your home clean, and they can also act as a mood booster. If caring for the real thing isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can still get the feel and look with faux plants to style your home!

Don’t Forget Your Walls

Green is the perfect colour to spruce up your walls. Choose a shade you love and create an accent wall or be bold and paint the entire room in a fabulous shade of green. Either way, green has a way of creating a calming presence in interiors.

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