Let’s Paint The Town Red with Jenny Robert

Jan 4, 2023

Accent Walls

Paint a wall in a bright, fiery red to demand attention. This will surely be an eye-catching statement wall. You can dress it up with toned-down art and accents and let the red shine through in true style!

Red Accents

Soft furnishings can add colour and texture to your design. Incorporate bold red accents like scatters or a rug to brighten up your room. This will also lend itself to a modern elegant look.


Modern art is a beautiful way to add colour and definition to your home. Choose bright primary red as a burst of energy and colour into your space. Consider injecting red through a painting or piece of art and let it become a talking point in your space. 




For a pop of exciting tone, choose bold red light fixtures. A stunning lamp shade or chandelier will bring fiery passion into the bedroom.

A little more traditional

If you want to move away from an overtly modern interior, you can still incorporate red. A more traditional look can be complemented by deeper reds like burgundy and maroon. Decorate with oriental rugs injected with darker reds.

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As featured in SA Décor & Design.