Stay On Trend With African Inspired Interior Design

Sep 30, 2021

Africa is a continent filled with design inspiration. Bold patterns, bright colours and gorgeous textures make up some of the latest finds that are being developed by the creative industry in Africa. It’s no wonder that African-inspired design trends are infiltrating the globe. You can achieve the same look at home with Jenny Robert Exclusive Decor and a range of striking African-inspired decor.

Ethnic Prints and Patterns

It’s all about those bold cultural patterns that have become the earmark of beautiful African design. We love the vibrancy of rich patterns that can brighten up any space and create bold statement tones in a room. Many of these prints have gorgeous geometric patterns that are intricate and draw the eye in. Take for instance these stunning black and white wall decor hanging plates from Jenny Robert Exclusive Design. Although in a minimalistic palette of colours, the vibrancy shines through in the details of each pattern.

A Smorgasbord of Texture

African-inspired design is a celebration of bold and exciting textures. Nature influences many of these textural delights. Think wood beautifully carved, stone, beads, rattan and more. Add these elements to your decor display and embrace the natural beauty of the African landscape.

Sculptural Pieces

Add interest with sculptural decor items in your African-inspired interior. Let nature guide your choices here. Jenny Robert Exclusive Design brings us a playful range featuring monkeys that have been cleverly designed as a lamp or tea light holder. These beautifully detailed pieces will add interest and come as a nod to African-inspired design.

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