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Wine Cooler Louis Roederer with Leather Handle (28cmH)

Wine Cooler Louis Roederer - Leather Handle (28cmH)

Comes in a choice of

- Silver with Tan leather handle

- Brass with Black Leather Handle

A popular choice.

Dimensions:   28cm(H) x 34cm(D) / 27cm(D)

Colour:  Silver / Brass

Material:  Silver plated Brass /. Brass

The base material of the product is brass,  silver plated, same process as silver plated products, with a pewter antique finish.  To get the pewter antique finish your plating needs to be thicker than normal silver plated products, in this case 3 – 5 microns, where with silver plated products you can get away with 1 micron plating.   The benefit of the pewter antique finish is that it does not tarnish like silver plated products and is food safe, so can be used with food products.

Care:  Use a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid to gently remove any dirt from your item.  Rinse carefully and dry with a soft cloth.  PLEASE DO NOT USE SILVO / BRASSO OR ANY HARSH CHEMICALS.



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