Luxe Inners - Scatter Inners

Scatter Cushion Inners

Bespoke scatter / cushion inners and down upholstery with special 233 threadcount with special down proof casing. Our fill allows our pillows to be full & fluffy yet luxuriously soft & cosy.  

We offer 3 ranges;

1. Luxury Range (Cream of the crop) - Down small feather range

2. Luxe Mix 70/30 - Combination of Down Feather with cotton downproof thread fibre                                                                                                       (70% Down Feather - 30% Cotton Thread Fibre)

3. Super Mix 50/50 Range - Mix of Feather & Fibre (50% Feather - 50% Fibre).  Our most economical inner, yet buy no means less luxurious!  This inner offers more of a firmer feel.

~ Inners range in various sizes & can also be made up to ANY size specifications.  

Please drop us a mail at to order.

**PLEASE NOTE WE MAKE UP ALL OUR SCATTERS.  Turnaround time may vary from 5 - 10 days from placing order.