Candle Luxe Colossal (XXL)

Candle Luxe Colossal (XXL)

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of all our spectacular candles.  A showstopper!!

Pair with your favourite fragrance (Sandalwood / Vanilla)

Dimensions: 40cm (D) x 60cm(H)

Colour:  Grey & white 

Materials:  Cement & wax

Candle Maintenance:   In general, when you burn a candle, and especially the first time you burn it, you want to burn it for about two hours or more, depending on the size of the candle. The idea here is that the entire top layer becomes molten before you extinguish it.  That means the whole surface will burn evenly so it won’t create those dips, which can deepen, creating a cavernous hole for the wicks to become permanently lost.

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