Ceramic Display Tray Arum Lily Leaf 5 (L) SALE

Ceramic Display Tray Arum Lily Leaf 5 (L)

Colour: Green and Yellow tones

Dimensions:  18cm(W) x 32(L)

Versatile as a Display Tray, serving platter, display platter, or just as the exquisite ornament it is!

South Africa has as no shortage of talent in the increasingly popular medium of ceramics.  The extraordinary skill it takes to manipulate wet clay into a delicate item of beauty is inspiring, and the fiinished product feels and looks gloriously authentic.

This new Luxe Leaf Collection is masterfully created by one of our new up and coming local Ceramic Artist's Lauren Jarvis.

All of these delicately handmade aesthetic pieces in this collection are unique one of a kind items, never to be found again.  Intricately painted with the finest of brush strokes.




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